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Acid and alkaline diets  Acid and alkaline diets

Astragalus Complex. Herbs for winter immunity Winter immunity: herbs and yoga  

Australian Bush foods Australian bush foods

Autunm harvest  Autumn harvest 2016

Ayurveda and Yoga  Ayurveda and yoga

Bush flower essences Bush flower essences

Chakras and Koshas: your energetic body: Chakras and Koshas   

Coconut oil is it the good oil?  Coconut oil

Coffee Coffee as medicine

Digestive problems, yoga solutions Yoga for digestion

Echinacea Winter immunity: herbs and yoga

Eleutherococcus  Winter immunity: herbs and yoga

Ethiopia Ethiopia and St Johns Wort

Eucalyptus Coffee and Eucalyptus

Family stories Family stories

Fat burning foods Fat burning foods

Food for brain health Food for the brain

Fructose malabsorption  Fructose malabsorption

Honey Honey as medicine

Infused oils for cooking and skin care  Infused oils

Insomnia and hybernation Sleep and hibernation, 

Low FODMAP foods Quinoa Amaranth and Fat Hen

Mints in medicine  Mints

Prebiotics: food and herbs that help probiotics survive  Prebiotics and probiotics

Qabalah workshops Qabalah Workshops

Reiki workshops Reiki workshops

Rhubarb rhubarb, as a herb and food Rhubard rhubarb

Skin care in summer  Skin care in summer

Sleep cycles in Winter,Insomnia and winter

St John's wort for depression and menopause therapy Ethiopia and St Johns Wort

Sustainable food sources Sustainable food

Vitamin D: who needs supplements anyway?   Vitamin D supplements

Weeds for summer salads Weeds as food

Winter yoga Winter immunity: herbs and yoga

Yin yoga: what is it? Yin yoga: what is it?

Yoga for the face Yoga for the face

Yoga for insomnia Yoga for better sleep  

Yoga: what is it? What is Yoga?





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Health for life: the Blue Iris    

The blue iris is associated with the Greek goddess Iris, a messenger between heaven and earth. Like Hermes (Mercury) she carried the caduceus, the messenger’s staff, with entrined snakes, linked with medicine and alchemy since ancient times.