Yoga Therapy

In Yoga Therapy a qualified Therapist/Yoga teacher provides one-on-one assistance to a person to use the principles and practices of yoga to improve health. This may include asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), relaxation, meditation, dietary advice, lifestyle counselling and self-development. It is about assisting the individual to overcome imbalances, restrictions and injuries that are causing discomfort or disability. Yoga therapy focuses on the individual and their overall health and wellbeing rather than on the condition.

At 206A Hall St, Spotswood. Home visits also available

Initial consultations, 60 minutes at $60

Follow-up 30mins, $30


Yin and Yang Yoga  

Sessions include classic Hatha and Yin yoga poses and 15 minutes meditation, designed for folk who used to, or never could, stand on their heads and sit in a lotus posture. Suitable for ages 18 to over 80 years.

Some of us have stiff joints, but that’s no excuse! Lets maintain and improve on the flexibility that we still have. Book by email (tricialesley@gmail.com) to join in regular sessions. See the home page for current class times and locations  (linked to Home )


Private lessons available at Kyneton and Spotswood for those who are complete beginners or needing one-on-one extra care and individual attention $60/hr. A private lesson or 2 can prepare you for a general class at the gym or larger studio so that you don't feel like a complete novice!


For bookings (email me at tricialesley@gmail.com or call the mobile 0419221956).      

• Wear clothing that allows movement: e.g. track pants and T shirt.

• Mat will be provided, but if you can, bring your own mat.   

• If you have any health concerns please advise me before the class.

• It is best not to eat for at least 1 hour prior to class.    






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