My Family stories.


1. Christmas 1960

Looking back, I think how hard my Mum worked at Christmas in the late 1950s and through the 1960s!  Even today, without women, Christmas would not happen. Women still are expected to do most of the shopping, cooking, organising, decorating, sending Christmas mail. Our man might install the Christmas tree, fix the lights and/or carve the turkey. If women decided not to bother, there goes Christmas! I must admit, I’m a minimalist at Christmas celebrations and some of my best Christmases have been when we were away camping with just my son and husband and our big ridgeback dogs, or overseas in non-Christian counties. I love gatherings of family and of chosen friends, but it doesn’t have to be on December 25th. There is too much of a sense of obligation and duty about Christmas, so much risk of offending family and friends. Read the whole story Christmas in 1960.pdf


2. Wedding in 1972 

I was cleaning my wedding ring today (in 2017). It’s a silver bracelet made by Tor in Melbourne, with a round, green tourmaline set into it, a one of a kind, with “Pat and David, August 12th 1972” engraved inside it. I wear it all the time. The ring on my right hand little finger was my maternal Gran’s wedding ring (Edith Mabel Waldron), so it has significant connections, but is not my wedding ring. Read the whole story Getting married in 1972.pdf




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