What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a hands-on healing technique that directs a flow of warm, healing energy through your body so that your own healing powers are activated. 

Unlike many healing techniques, you can use it on yourself. It is also useful for pets (they love it) and plants. The technique has interesting effects on electical equipment! 

This is a gentle technique, often used with massage, but can be done when fully clothed. It suits those who don’t like to have full body therapeutic massage.

You can often feel the heat flowing from your hands to wherever it’s needed in your body. Reiki usually helps to increase blood circulation in the treated areas. 

It is particularly good for chronic aches and pains in muscles and joints, and to aid in healing of wounds of all types (physical, emotional and spiritual).  

Reiki was first taught by Japanese Master Usui in the early 20th century. It teaches how to focus and transmit healing energy for your own benefit and for benefit of others. Reiki uses your hands to transmit energy. This is something we all do when hugging each other, and when patting and stroking pets in friendly and soothing contact. Reiki teaches awareness and refinements of these contacts.  

Reiki training includes attunements, always done one-on-one by a Reiki 3 level trainer. These attunements turn you into a conductor of Reiki energy, like a lightning rod for the energy, clearing your own nerve pathways and allowing you to flow energy to others. Attunement effects must be felt, they are not something that can be clearly described, like emotions or sensations.

What happens in a Reiki workshop?

Reiki is usually taught in three stages.

Two day Course Outline

Workshops on day 1, the training day, usually run from 10am to 4pm. The morning session is theory and meditation, with attunements given. The afternoon includes training in reiki techniques, with another attunement and a closing meditation.

Day 2, from 10 am to 1pm, includes  practice sessions and discussion, with more attunements. Both days are required to complete your training at each level. 

Each workshop also provides written notes.

Each student receives a certificate of attainment for the level, outlining their lineage of Reiki teachers. This is essential for joining practitioner associations such as the Australian Reiki Connection. 

What do you gain from the workshop?

Level 1: hands-on healing training. At the first level you learn the history and methods of Reiki. You are tuned in to the energy by a qualified teacher and shown hand positions for self treatment and the treatment of others.  Level 1 teaching allows you to use Reiki on yourself, friends and family. It adds to other hands-on healing practice such as massage.   

Level 2:use of Reiki symbols. Level 2 gives more attunements, teaches the use of Reiki symbols, distance healing  and qualifies you to use of Reiki to treat paying clients.  Level 2 is the most practical, detailed training level for using Reiki on others. Level 2 should be undertaken at least 2 months after Level 1.

Level 3: teacher training. Here you are given attunement to the master symbol and taught  how to attune others to the practice.  Level 3 is the most spiritual and energy intense level of training and is usually only studied by experienced Reiki practitioners who are confident of their skills and secure in their wish to teach others. It should be done at least 1 year after Reiki 2. 


Reiki Workshops:  

Times: two day training workshop and notes: Cost: $250 .

Contact: Patricia Mottram  m. 0419221956


At Ayurveda TLC, 206A Hall St, Spotswood






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