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My expertise and experience  

Please note that I am not a medical practitioner.

I qualified originally as a microbiologist, with a special interest in herbs, botany and plant pathology. I then worked in laboratories specializing in microbiology, vaccines and human immunology. I have a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Medical Biology from the University of Melbourne and worked for many years in medical research.

My work included the development of new drugs to treat chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases, including diabetes and arthritis.     

I have a great respect for Western science and medicine, but know that it doesn’t have all the answers to health problems. I believe that a more holistic approach to health will make Western medicine more effective, and that more research evidence to support alternative therapies will improve them and make them more acceptable to the medical community.    


Apart from“regular” science I’ve practiced yoga for over 40 years and am a qualified yoga teacher and now also a yoga therapist. I've studied astrology, have an interest in 'energy' medicine, and am qualified as a Pellowah therapist and Reiki Master/teacher. 

I have maintained a life-long interest in herbal medicine, and have completed a Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Herbal Medicine) at the University of New England (NSW).

I’ve travelled often to countries where Ayurveda is practiced (Nepal, India, Bhutan, Burma) and completed an intensive course in Ayurvedic therapy in Sri Lanka. I love this ancient and spiritual medical system, with its very practical approach to diagnosis and use of yoga for physical awareness and food as medicine.


I am an Ayurvedic therapist, trained in massage and body metabolism analysis. I can prescribe herbs and yoga practices and give diet and lifestyle advice, but I am not an Ayurvedic medical practitioner (that takes 9 years of medical training). My therapies complement both Ayurvedic and Western medical methods, but do not replace other therapies.


  Darjeeling, India: friends, herbs and high mountains!


Points of Difference  

Ayurveda TLC stands out from other herbal therapists by:

• Using both Ayurvedic and Western style herbal formulae, soundly based on both clinical studies and traditional practice.

• My strong background in medical research, with a PhD and over 30 years experience in experimental immunology at the University of Melbourne, Monash University, Burnet Institute, Walter and Eliza Institute, Oxford University and Harvard Medical School

• I use methods proven effective in complementing allopathic therapies for long-term chronic illness, with a holistic, life enhancing approach, combining herbs, Reiki, Yoga and massage. 






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A previous life? Lady Alchemist: adapted from Joseph Wright, thanks to Jane Anderson