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This year I've travelling the Silk Road with a group of friends in 50 year old MG cars. We went from Bangkok, though Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, through the 'Stans' (Uzbekistan was a highlight) to the Turkish border in Iran. Others went on to the UK. See http://mgsilkroad.mgcc.com.au.  Many stories to tell, lots of information on exotic food and plants.    

Bushflower essences

I recently completed Introductory and Pratitioner level training in making and prescribing Australian bushflower essences. The course, based on Ian White's teachings and run by Alison Lovett (you can find her on facebook) , was excellent and gave me the skills to use the flowers growing in my bush home to prepare remedies. I can highly recommend Alison's teaching. More on the essences at Bush flower essences

Acid vs alkaline diets.

The alkaline diet seems a good diet promoted for the wrong reasons. Reviews of the diet clearly show that acidic urine is not a sign of bone calcium depletion and that some of the ''acidic'' protein-rich foods are actually very healthy. See the news article for more info.  Acid and alkaline diets

I've also been using fresh herbs to make infused oils. See  Infused oils


Ayurveda TLC (Tender Loving Care) aims to use the best features of both Western and Ayurvedic herbal therapy to promote lifelong physical and spiritual health.

My motto is “Health for Life”, to help you heal yourself for long-term health and enhanced quality of life. 


Western herbal medicine    

Many herbal remedies are purchased over the counter, from supermarkets, pharmacies and health food shops, and there is strong community support for their use. However, expert knowledge in the preparation of individual prescriptions for specific problems, with know-how on the combination of prescription drugs and herbs, can dramatically improve the effectiveness of herbal therapy.

Many Western herbal therapies have now been tested in clinical

trials and shown to be effective in treating chronic conditions such as depression, diabetes, arthritis and allergy.


Ayurvedic therapy

Ayurveda uses yoga and herbs from an ancient Indian health care system.

Ayurvedic herbs are appearing in Western herbal preparations, but are often used without an understanding of the Ayurvedic applications. My training provides an ability to use Indian and Western herbs together for maximum benefit.

Please note that I am an Ayurvedic therapist, trained in massage and body metabolism analysis. I can prescribe herbs and can recommend yoga and diet and lifestyle changes, but I am not an Ayurvedic medical practitioner (that takes 6 years of medical training). My therapies complement both Ayurvedic and Western medical methods, but do not replace other therapies (see Therapy). 

If you have a serious medical condition and are looking for a medical practitioner sympathetic to alternative therapies, I suggest you contact the National Institute for Integrative Medicine (see Links page)  





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AAIM Ayurveda Therapy Intensive Course (Sri Lanka)

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Health for life: the Blue Iris    

The Iris logo links plants and medicine, and includes the motto “Health for Life”, to promote the aim of a healthy life style as a life-long achievement.

The "Health for Life" motto was inspired by the "Research for Life" motto of the Austin Research Institute (ARI), Melbourne and the iris symbol used by the ARI (thanks to Dr Bruce Wines, Mrs Alison McKenzie and Ms Jane Kemp).